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The Top Secret International Queer Socialist Conspiracy #1: Greetings, Humans!

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Because A Life is encountering continuous production problems and the topics seem to be pretty well covered, Skylar and Vlad are launching a new show that you will now be the first people to hear. What is it about? Well, the title pretty much covers it, doesn’t it? It sure is long enough!

September 7, 2012 - Posted by | Podcast


  1. I’m enjoying the new episode and new format. It is a good change šŸ™‚

    Comment by Eric | September 9, 2012

  2. I have to leave another comment, after I have given the episode more thought.

    In response to killing Hitler and how that would change history……if he were killed before he became famous, then my family might not exist, and I suspect many other families. He sent troops to liberate my ethnic group from the Yugoslavian concentration camps (they put all the Germans in camps).

    But the more important part of my response: I applaud Skylar for wanting to read Atlas Shrugged instead of simply taking peoples’ negative thoughts on the book at face value. I read it for the same reason; and in fact I read it so I would have better ammunition as to why I didn’t like Ayn Rand.

    It turned out that I enjoyed the book a lot, and I feel that many of the points in the book are quite valid, if you take them out of the context of Objectivism. I definitely don’t agree with much of Rand’s philosophies, but there are some seeds of truth, as there is in most types of philosophies. Much of her morality in Atlas Shrugged is admirable and works great on paper, just as many economic systems do, but of course in the real world, with human greed and corruption coming into play, it doesn’t work.

    I hope you do read the book, just be sure you make it past the first 100 pages which are somewhat dull. It gets better after that. I have a few copies, I would be happy to send you one if you’d like. Although I suggest if you have an ereader, to use that because the font is easier to read.

    Comment by Eric | September 10, 2012

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