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A weekly podcast about asexuality

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Yes folks, this blog is now done.

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The podcast to be

Welcome to the site that should very soon feature ‘A Life’, the weekly podcast about topics concerning and of interest to asexuals, but not closed to anyone. We’re recording the pilot this friday and the release of the episode should be on that day or in the next few following days and the plan is to then take a few weeks to regroup and promote the show before starting the weekly production schedule.

The basic format of the show will be a panel discussion with a major topic and several shorter regular segments, although this will surely change over time as we figure out how this thing will actually work out. At this stage, there are only two people producing the show, but we’re always open to more people joining in as guests or even regular panelists.

So, I hope you’ll all find the show entertaining and informative just as soon as we actually have a show to be those things.

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