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A Life #77: LGBT Revisited. Same Old, Same Old…

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The case against joining the LGBT community, again. Also: New subforum on AVEN & Daria.

July 22, 2012 - Posted by | Podcast


  1. Isn’t there a whole number that comes between 75 and 77?

    Comment by Lara Landis | July 23, 2012

  2. Adding A into LGBT would be a good idea, me thinks. I did read Henriks (oh sorry Skylars) manifest why we shouldn’t be part of the letters but feel quite opposite – in my eyes, benefits wins over disadvantages. Let me explain… I think that publicity would be the most important thing there would be. If A would be added that itself would be quite dramatic signal: that would mean we would be accepted into to minority-groups. Yes, LBBT is all about sexual minorities, but it doesn’t mean it cant tag along hand in hand with asexuals – forget individual bastards who thinks asexuality doesn’t exists, being part of the letters would send a clear message to all, that we indeed are existing and theres nothing they can do about it (though I don’t think that LGBT community would itself be so willing to change the name itself – those kind of changes are always behind great amount of pain. Personally I think we should see “forest behind the trees” here, and do not let our own opinions drive across mutual good what would come upon). But even if the letter A wouldn’t be added to end of the letters, there’s still benefits which asexuals would receive what cannot be underestimating. But more than anything Im worried about is that is there, in asexual community, enough volunteers to make sure that our voice would hear over others – just like Hen.. sorry Skylar – said. But that fact that others have had issues, the fact that we are somewhat small group etc that gives us no right to say that we shouldn’t even try. Even if we would join, that wouldn’t mean we cannot be group of our own, of course we are and that is the way it should be. It wouldn’t be like marrying LGBT, that would just make sure we are no longer drifting out of space all alone (I use that quote nevertheless cos despite aven and such things we are – drifting alone in space without any “fiscal” acknowledgment).

    Matter of fact I think that the name of the LGBT group is not as good as it could be… be formed of first letters does not give you feeling that they are accepting other minorities but those four.

    I wasn’t meant to write whole novel but oh well…Okey I am going to try to wrap it all up in one sentence… visibility comes first, visibility is what we need, visibility is something that group of letters could offer to us, and visibility is a thing we sure cant afford to say no to.

    ps. what happened to that music witch used to play in bodcasts begin?

    Comment by Vuhhuur | August 5, 2012

  3. which* … and sowwy if any other mistakes :3

    Comment by Vuhhuur | August 16, 2012

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