A Life

A weekly podcast about asexuality

A Life #71: Mystery Show

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It’s been so very long since this show was recorded that not even the panelists can remember what the show was about. So step into our little international box of intrigue!


April 7, 2012 - Posted by | Podcast


  1. Hey Vlad I am sorry my writing sucks…..I am on facebook under same name too. I couldn’t catch that name but I think I am on Seattle Ace. I don’t remember. Its been a while since I visited AVEN.

    Comment by Dagon Xanith | April 9, 2012

  2. P.S. Interesting video and person You might enjoy listening too. http://youtu.be/iXXqYcZJUGI

    Comment by Dagon Xanith | April 9, 2012

  3. Actually, in this episode, you guys raised quite a few interesting issues that are worthy of a more in-length discussion. (of course, there were also some topics that are just too-darn-exciting to be mentioned again).

    Here’s a short (& very partial) re-cap of the topics:

    1 – How American politics poison the world.
    2 – Crazy caffeinated chocolate that Henrik likes.
    3 – Credibility of asexuality & misconceptions about aces.
    4 – What may cause asexuality.
    5 – Fluidity of sexual orientation & it’s research.
    6 – Ear problems.
    7 – Cultural differences in relation to sexual orientation (the “coming out” talk).
    8 – Sexual education for children – why there’s a need for it?
    9 – Having children.
    10 – What can you do with a spare condom.


    Comment by Dora | May 10, 2012

  4. Here’s a dilemma – should I or shouldn’t I leave comments on past podcasts?
    Is it still relevant? Is it still interesting?
    Should I inflict my opinions on the good people of the internet? (and on you, honorable hosts)

    anyway, you should totally do another VIdeo-podcast to celebrate your 3 years anniversary 😀
    The last one was truly awesome.

    ~ Cheers,
    your very own spammer

    Comment by Dora | May 11, 2012

  5. Yes please do leave comments on past podcasts. I haven’t gotten through them yet.

    Comment by Molly | May 13, 2012

  6. I think you’re right Henrik that ‘The Talk’ is an American invention. I’m British and I have never spoken about sex with my parents, nor have I known anyone who has had to come out to their parents. Besides, I think parents usually catch on to whether their child is homosexual (or otherwise).
    Great show! I’m looking forward to finally catching up with the podcasts. 🙂

    Comment by BØØM | July 20, 2012

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