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A Life #63: In Queer Street

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Queer is a term that has proved itself to be rather problematic for both people who identify as such and those who don’t. What does the word actually mean and who should be using it to describe themselves? And, ultimately, can asexuals be considered queer? These are the questions that accompany general randomness in this episode of A Life!

Are you queer?


July 9, 2011 - Posted by | Podcast


  1. I wouldn’t use the term for myself, but wouldn’t mind being associated with it because I could see myself in a same-sex relationship & am not heterosexual.

    Comment by B | July 11, 2011

  2. l still find the term very derogatory, and am surprised LGBTs use it. There are many transexuals and gays in my school, and not one that l know identifies as “queer.” l did, however, agree with the point made in the podcast that saying “a queer” is more insulting than “queer.”

    Comment by neverwhere9 | July 14, 2011

  3. Regarding “men’s rights”

    None of the comments read mentioned it, so I guess I will. Any disadvantage that men face is IS the fault of a misogynistic society. The supposed unfairness is a result of of women being seen as weak, inferior, child-rearing creatures. And since women are so weak and helpless, the role men are supposed take is that protectors and brutes to balance it out. This is part of the reason why women are more likely to get the rights to the children in divorces, and why men get harsher sentences when they commit crimes.

    Campaigning for “men’s rights” is treating the symptom, not the cause of the problem. If one really wants to even the playing field, you should fight for women’s rights, or plain ol’ human rights. Rid society of misogyny and things improve for everyone. When people say they want “men’s rights”, they’re just as bad as the people saying they want “white rights” or “straight rights”

    ps sorry for the annoying quotes around “men’s rights” each time it’s just I have no idea how else to convey the eye rolling and face-palming I feel whenever I hear the phrase.

    Comment by Fry | July 18, 2011

  4. Having a one syllable word to describe everyone who does not fall into the conventional LGBT spectrum is clearly over-rated. Yes, “gay” is a one syllable word. However, note that “lesbian”, “bi-sexual” and even “trans-sexual/gender” all have more than one syllable and are all used frequently. Off course, in conversation, these words are sometimes shortened to “les”, “bi”, “tran”, but many words are — regardless of whether they apply to sexuality or not. So, if “queer” folk would like to find a better word to describe themselves, they should not feel any pressure to use a one syllable word; if the word is too long, individual people can shorten it if needed.

    Oh, and also, Korean language is not tone based. I know this because I attended a 40% Korean high school 🙂

    Comment by SourMuffinSalad | July 28, 2011

  5. “Lay/lie back and think of England” is an apocryphal phrase attributed to a Queen of England, and given to her daughters on their occasion of being married away for political reasons, and how to get through their wedding night.

    Comment by The Pixel Monk | August 10, 2011

  6. I first discovered this podcast about a month ago and I have been listening through from episode 1. I’ve listened to 63 episodes in a month!!
    Anyway, I first heard the term queer in school and it was always used in a derogatory sense. I assumed it was just another somewhat meaningless term used to mock others. However as I got older I discovered its true meaning. Even though I now know, it still has strong negative connotations for me so I prefer not to use it.

    Comment by BØØM | July 10, 2012

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