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A Life #62: Great Pleasures

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Sex is said to be one of the most important great pleasures in life and therefore we asexuals suffer as we’re missing out on it. But that is rather silly, because everybody derives great pleasure from different things. Therefore we discuss our great pleasures as well as a large dosage of the signature randomness you’ve come to expect in this episode of A Life.

Do you feel there is validity to the existence of the men’s movement?


July 5, 2011 - Posted by | Podcast

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  1. During early adolescence I really enjoyed video games and skateboarding. In hindsight, the intense feeling of being in the zone during either hobby is comparable to good romantic chemistry. I loved hanging out with friends but that focus was and still feels amazing to me. At some point, in the quietude of my introverted behaviors I discovered how gross it felt to try to “get/with” someone.

    Nowadays as I age out of adolescence, I’m more of a psychonaut with great interest in the workings of the mind. And “spirituality/aspiration” I also enjoy drumming and reading now.

    PS: interestingly though, as I began exploring asexuality and higher education, I feel as though the once enchanted hobbies are now weak distractions from really getting to the bottom of interpersonal issues and endeavors.

    Comment by raymo | August 22, 2011

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