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A Life #61: Feminism

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How does feminism relate to asexuality and how do different kinds of feminists deal with the asexual community? And what exactly is feminism and why should we or why should we not care? These are the questions processed by the team with the aid of Sy. Who is Sy? You’ll find out in the 60th episode, released sometime next week.


June 17, 2011 - Posted by | Podcast


  1. I should have clarified that the “unfounded” bit about fetishism came from the idea that idolatry was unfounded worship because it wasn’t Christianity, so yes, you guys are right. The idea of “unfounded” is problematic because it is based on what a certain group of people thinks should be correct.

    As for feminism, I’m sorry to hear that a lot of them are hostile towards asexuality. It boggles my mind that they’re so narrow-minded that they think asexuality equals sex negative, and at the same time I am not surprised. I know there’s been issues with feminism and other oppressed groups. Hopefully the feminists who truly support sexual freedom, which as you said includes the right not to have sex, will step up, listen to you guys, and back you up.

    Comment by Lika | June 20, 2011

  2. I think I understand a lot of the hostility the feminst/lgbt community has toward asexuals/demisexuals.

    With feminism, i think it’s just a case of some internet asexuals spouting sex-negative or slut shaming crap that colored a community’s perception of us.

    And with the lgbt community, from what I’ve seen on tumblr, the backlash is almost all against heteromantic cis aces/demis. I have no problem with someone who’s het and cis participating in the lgbtqqaetc community as an ally, or as someone who is questioning, but I draw the line at cis heteromantics calling themselves “queer”. There’s something about it that just seems squicky and insulting, so I can see why so many people are throwing a fit and screaming “APPROPRIATION”

    Comment by Fry | June 21, 2011

  3. I`ve heard the two groups of feminism in a sligthly different way… other feminists are trying to greate balance between men and womans rights – others only consertrates increasing womens rights, ignoring men. Personally I stand for that first one. Do not forget that there is, anyway, cases where womans power IS over mans, exam. custodycases, domestic violance (childrens mother is mostly the one who gets their custody, cases where womens rapes/violences men are more ignored than other way around).

    So, there is still lot to do for womens rights, I agree. But. There are cases where there must to be a way to do things better for men as well. Change of attitudes is what we need, threres too much differences what womens “can” do and men “cant”. One of these so called expression is “men dont cry”. We hear and learn those kinds of sayings since early childhood. Allthough some of those are good, mostly those are, in my oppinion, full of -piiiip-.

    Comment by Vuhhuur | June 22, 2011

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