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A weekly podcast about asexuality

A Life #59: Fetishes and Kink

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In this very eeeeeevil episode of A Life, the team digs into the very eeeeeevil topic of kinks and fetishes as they apply to asexual people. Featuring the guestive expertise of Diedra.

Do you engage in activities considered kinky?


June 7, 2011 - Posted by | Podcast


  1. I learned so much from this episode, so thank you!

    Comment by B | June 9, 2011

  2. It’s been a while since I did an Art History class called Theorizing the Fetish, but from what I remember, fetishism was an concept that came off idolatry, which was described as an unfounded worship of an inanimate object. Fetishism, in turn, became an unfounded adoration of an inanimate object (or body part. I can’t remember how that factored in, but I remember we talked about foot fetishes.) So I can guess you can say fetishism is a lot like idolatry, where one worships or excessive adores an object, like one of my good friend does with chocolate 😉

    I love your discussion about kink and learned a lot about it in this episode. It’s good to know that one doesn’t have to be sexual to enjoy a kink!

    For the record, I am an aromantic sexual who’s been really enjoying your podcast for the last two weeks. You guys do a great job educating me about asexuality. I always thought asexual = aromantic, so realizing that asexuals have relationships too was a real eye opener. In fact, it was discovering from you guys that there are two orientations that finally made over twenty years of trying to figure out my sexual orientation click. I doubt I would have figured out I was aromantic sexual if it weren’t for this podcast, so thank-you!

    Even though I’m sexual, I do relate to a lot of things Henrik has said. I’m told all the time that I should be in a relationship because everyone needs company and it’s a shame to die alone. When I tell people I love being single, because I do, and that I don’t ever intend to be in a relationship, I get treated like I’m immature or an alien from outer space or that I’ll change my mind (at 31 years of age.)

    I identify way more with my romantic orientation than I do with my sexual one. Sex I can take it or leave it, but remaining single is way important to me. Besides, I’ve never had anyone ask me if I’ve had sex, only if I had a boyfriend 😉

    Anyways, I love this podcast series. Keep up the good work!

    Comment by Lika | June 13, 2011

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