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A Life #48: Atopic

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Last week’s offtopic show ended up to actually have a topic. So we tried again. This time we talk about everything from Adar to warehouse management in space. Mission accomplished!

What should we do with the haters?


February 23, 2011 - Posted by | Podcast

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  1. Random comment time!

    Haven’t had a chance to listen to this episode yet…..but wanted to post some things for you anyways:

    This video is about 2 year old but its still funny. Its a clip taken from part of a TV show we have in Australia about the advertising industry. The reason I’m sending it- watch the first ad they show.When I first saw this ad it I was aware of my aceness so I kinda forgot about it. On aven I’ve read people asking if they have sexy dreams can they still be asexual? I think even though this ad is aim at celibacy which is completely different it says the same kinda thing- that while you might like sex in your head and have fantasies about it unless you think its sexy when your awake your still pretty ace.

    Also I found this video the other day, you might find it funny:

    Comment by TheJester | March 7, 2011

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