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A Life #46: Children

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Children. I can’t stand them, but fortunately there were other panelists on the show, who have something more constructive to say. In the episode, the panel digs into the prospect of raising them and being one.

When did you know you were asexual?


February 10, 2011 - Posted by | Podcast


  1. You all had a fairly decent conversation about Sheldon and were wondering about whether he was romantic or not. I’ve been a fan of The Big Bang Theory for years. Last I saw of it, there was a woman interested in Sheldon, yes, but as soon as he realized this, he made every attempt to get away from her.

    So he may very well be aromantic, unless I’ve missed something in more recent episodes.

    Comment by Dee | February 13, 2011

  2. Re: Henrik and telling everyone, as a kid, that he didn’t want marriage/kids whatever: I totally want to go back to all these people when I’m 90 and shout “I told you so! HAHAHAAH!” ^_^ I remember, in a college French class, we had to write a guided essay in French about our futures. Guided because we were told to include certain things, like kids. I wrote that I never wanted to get married or have kids, and the teacher asked me why I wrote something “so depressing.” My essay was not depressing in the least! Likewise, as a teenager,I was in relationships because I thought it was the thing to do. I could almost cope with the idea of marrying a guy at the time, but I still said I never wanted kids. Everyone always said “One day, your ‘biological clock’ will kick in and you’ll get ‘baby fever!'” Um, no.

    I could barely stand having a roommate in college. I would hate the idea of having to live with a boyfriend, who I’d probably talk to more than a roommate, and share a bed with, etc. And kids! I could not deal with having a dependent person bothering me all the time. And I’m very offended that people think they know me better than I do, and think one day I’ll want kids.

    My parents think I owe them grandkids, and that I’m selfish for not living up to their expectations. WTF.

    As for having kids making you a better person, what about the way politicians say “family values” or “I’m a family man!” in such a way as to imply this makes them a better and more moral person. This makes no sense to me, but goes along with the idea that people think kids have to be a part of everyone’s life, that it completes you as a person, it’s your duty, it makes you a better person. That bothers me because I think i’m a rather moral person, despite not having or wanting kids.

    Comment by amyb | February 24, 2011

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