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A Life #44: Dealing With Sexuals

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Like it or not, sexuals are all around us and they’re multiplying in numbers. Therefore we have to deal with them a lot. That’s why the intrepid crew of A Life discusses some common themes that come up when dealing with them.

Does asexuality make us boring?


January 19, 2011 - Posted by | Podcast


  1. Regarding “you haven’t tried it, you wouldn’t know.”
    I really hate this. When I was a teenager, I had never heard of asexuality, and I was in relationships and had lots of sex, because I thought it’s what everyone did; I thought everyone was sexual and that if I did it enough, I’d learn to enjoy it too. If you aren’t sexually attracted to someone, it doesn’t matter how much sex you have, it won’t make you sexually attracted to them. I think it’s confusion of the meaning of the term “asexual.”

    Regarding being boring, I think it’s just that when you don’t have something in common with someone, you’ll both consider each other boring, and sexuality is something many people have in common with one another (many sexual people, that is). I get annoyed by people who talk too much about relationships and romantic feelings, because these are totally alien to me. It’s like if they talk about football, another thing I just don’t follow or give a damn about.

    Comment by amyb | January 19, 2011

  2. My best friend and room mate, who is very sexual, always asks me for advice regarding her relationships, but it does not bother me, because I know she is looking for a different perspective that only I can give her. And we talk about everything.
    I think I would be more annoyed if someone I didn’t know as well started asking me for relationship advice. I’m not out to many people so not many people would come to me for advice specifically to get an “asexual perspective”.

    Comment by Dancing Dragon | January 28, 2011

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