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A Life #38: Labels

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Labels. Some people revel in them, some people hate them. But everybody should probably be aware of them, so that is why labels are the topic of this edition of A Life.

Do you find labels useful or restricting?


November 17, 2010 - Posted by | Podcast


  1. First things first: Sorry for starting my last comment with “I have a problem…” I know it will now come out weak if I will stay I just badly worded it, but I think that was the issue here. What I meant was not: I have problem, I’m offended or I found it wrong way to do things. I marely tried to state that I don’t understand this way of action. Not because I think it’s a bad way of doing things, just the way I would never choose. Sorry for making it sound offensive, I trully didn’t do it on purpose.

    As for the labels: I love them. No, they don’t completely describe a person, no label ever fitted anyone perfectly, but I still adore them. As I was younger it irritated me to no end that I didn’t found enough of them to fit me. (It still iritates me, but now I have the Internet so I can look for more labels that will fit better :P). Personally I just like how they sum up some things, it’s obvious they don’t describe anyone fully, they more like just gave you some idea. Like with genres of books or movies this days. If we would like to completely describe the genre of some movie we would have to use terms like: romantic comedy with a touch of melodrama and some obvious musical influences. Which may give us a better idea of the movie, sure, and we probably should talk about it for another few paragraphs to summarize it properly. Instead, we give it a label of a romantic comedy and anyone at least vaguealy interested will look for more info, while everyone hating such movies will run away screaming. Of course, there are movies which would get hurt by such labeling and the same goes for humans and yet, most of the times, it helps.
    So my opinion is: Labels are useful and if you don’t find them offensive/overly annoying – use them. 🙂

    Comment by Andrea_Deer | November 23, 2010

  2. When you were discussing feedback from ep #37:

    Hendrick, I agree that just coming out doesn’t really help the community that we need to be doing more. The Aven community and forums are great but you still have a huge anonymity by talking online. You’ve come out but you’re just a name on a screen at the end of the day as most people don;t use there real names on the net.

    being visible in the real world as opposite to the online on would be more positive for the community. The only problem is to do this is you can’t stay ‘in”. While joining in pride parades like many others in the LGBQ do and doing interviews on TV is much more helpful, if someone you know sees that they’ll find out your asexual. To be on TV or a radio interview you need to know that people might hear or see it and unless you’ve already come out your going to have to be ready to face that if it happens. Which is one of the reasons why some aces won’t help when people are needed for interviews.

    Comment by TheJester | November 26, 2010

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