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A Life #27: Peppery Randomness

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After a while, we’re taking a day off with another off topic show. We discuss about examples of Asexuality in literature and television, attacks on the Finnish Pride parade and other more or less asexuality-related tangents.

Threat to mainstream culture?


July 17, 2010 - Posted by | Podcast


  1. Well, maybe I should’ve been more specific about it in the post that got read aloud, but I did mean that I’m ugly in the mainstream sense. Even if your individual tastes were what they were, some traits go against the more common opinions about what’s pretty and what ain’t. I have very little sense and very little preferences of my own when it comes to looks, so the common perceptions that I’ve learned are irreplaceable tools when I talk about aesthetics.

    Maybe that was a bit too long-winded way of saying “Oh yeah?! Well, I’m ugly and your opinion doesn’t count, damnit!” 😀

    Comment by Verp | July 19, 2010

  2. … Also, I’ve wanted to say this for a while but the intro theme to A-Life manages to creep me out every time. It somehow reminds me of the Hydroponics Deck theme from System Shock 2.

    Every time I hear it, I get flashbacks of mutilated cyborg women chasing me in tight corridors. Just something I had to get off my chest.

    Comment by Verp | July 19, 2010

  3. Hey there, I know I only was here yesterday but I’m back again. Listening to your show has sparked some more questions:

    On the show How I met Your Mother, there’s an episode called “Twin Beds” were Marshall and Lily get separate beds. They like the personal space they get but they fear sleeping apart could ruin their marriage, so by the end of the episode they’re sharing the same bed again. In your opinion do you guys think sharing the same bed is that important to a relationship?

    For sexuals sharing a bed is not only about sleeping next to your partner and cuddling them, but a bed is also where they have sex so it might have more significance for them in that regard. But isn’t bed is just a place were you sleep and the fact your partner is next to you or not doesn’t really matter because your asleep and not aware of them until you wake in the morning. If your partner snores and sleeping in another room would let you have a better nights sleep, wouldn’t it make more sense too? or would sleeping apart really ruin a relationship? For sexuals not sleeping together could mean no sex or having to schedule time for sex but for asexuals, sleeping apart isn’t as a big deal.

    Why is it so important when your in a relationship to do everything with your partner, whether it be sleeping next to them or sitting for 2 hours in silence watching a movie? And what about couples that get married and continue there lives independently, by living in different apartments ….why is it that relationships mean you can’t do things alone EVER? If you don’t sleep in the same bed as your SO, does that mean you don’t love them as much as couples that do?

    And another thing, In relationships your meant to have this sexual chemistry or some form of chemistry with your partner…..what the hell is that?this chemistry? Its said that any successful relationship has to have this chemistry, and yet I still can’t work out what exactly it is….some say its about sex and being attracted to your partner and not being able to keep your hands of them, while others say its about that and also that instant thing when you met someone and hit it off like you’ve know each other for years…. what do you guys think it is?

    I watched the musical Me and my Dick over youtube last night. Its about a boy, whose dick leaves him when they both like different girls. Also featured in the play along side the talking penis are talking vagina. I hope that makes sense- if you haven’t seen it already you should, while aimed at a sexual audience as an ace I still found the play really funny and some of the things in the play are very clever. Like for example having a girls vagina having a southern accent because she from “down south’ or other vagina’s dressed as ‘flappers’ from the 20s. If your ever bored one night – don’t put on a movie, watch this play instead.

    See the play is very typical- about sex and has all the laughs you’d except in a play about teenagers in high school. Alot of the play is the main characters having conversations with their genitals.. The conversation they have, are very sexuality based- about getting turned on etc Also in the play the main characters ‘hearts’ talk to them, so you get the sex side of love and the love side of love…… the whole time I was watching this I couldn’t help but think what would an asexuals genitals say if they could speak to them?. Would they be mad they’re not having sex or start an intellectual discussion about something completely unrelated to sex? I dunno What do you guys think?

    Also I tried to post this on unscrewed and illuminated website but it wouldn’t let me so because Henrik is part of both shows I’ll post my comment here.

    I’ve only been listening to these podcasts (and all the A life ones) recently so I am very behind. Just like to say How great this show is. I’m an Aussie too so its good to hear some fellow Aussies on this show- so much of our ace visibility is American stuff, a good change! And Kayleigh, I don’t know if it just coz your a fellow Aussie but your voice sounds really familiar even though I’ve never heard or seen you on anything else. Weird LOL

    In this show you were talking about ace meet ups and how cool it would be to have a global ace meet up where aces from all around the world go someone in Europe to stir up some media buzz.

    It go me thinking how cool would it be if aces had a big get together on a cruise ship and went from country to country picking up more aces. But then I thought while the media buzz we could make out of an asexual only cruise would be fantastic, it probably would be really expensive to book a cruise ship out just for ourselves to sail around the world on.

    Not that I know how to but we could maybe make it more low key and have a sailing boat and do the same. All the sails on the boat could have ace flags instead of just white and the boat could be painted purple. I dunno how you’d organize such a thing but I hope someday something like that happens.

    P.S thought Henrik would get a laugh out of this video I found a few weeks ago, I hope not all Finish people are as crazy as this guy:

    Comment by TheJester | October 28, 2010

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