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A Life #24: Benefits

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Wonderful to be asexual? We’ll find out on this episode concentrating on the potential benefits of asexuality as an orientation.

Benefits of Asexuality


June 6, 2010 - Posted by | Podcast

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  1. I didn’t know where to post this, so as this episode is one of the ones I’ve already listened to and has no comments yet, I’ll post it here. BTW this post has nothing to do with the subject of ep 24, I haven’t got anything to say on the Benefits of asexuality at this stage:

    In your option, do you guys think it could be possible (as ironic as it may sound) that their could be asexual sex addicts?

    The reason I’m asking this is because I watched a movie the other day on youtube called Lovesick. It’s a Lifetime Movie based on a true story, about a women forming a sex addiction as an adult after years abuse by her father when she was growing up.

    For sexual addicts they sometimes don’t even like the sex and the sex isn’t what they’re addicted to. For whateva reason(usually childhood abuse), they have a view that sex equals love. That no one will like them if they don’t have sex with them or they will disappear unless they’re wanted for sex…etc. Alot of sex addicts use sex as a means of escaping reality though fantasies and then acting them out. Some believe that the men they sleep with will fix them and make them feel better so they keep having sex with different men hoping this will be the one to take the (mental) pain away…

    Maybe somehow there is a person who has never been interested in sex….EVER. Has no sexual attraction at all but is a sex addict. Do you think it could happen? that maybe their is someone out there like this? We know their are asexuals that have sex just to please their partners, so could their be asexuals who do it to try an rid themselves of pain…even if the act only causes them more pain as is the cycle for sex addicts?

    Maybe for an asexual they might think something is wrong with them and no one will ever love them unless sex is on offer even if they know they aren’t interested in it. Although it could be hard to determine if the individual is asexual or not into sex because of past abuse which has then lead to their addiction but I still think its a fascinating Idea

    And another question:

    Is Sexuality is fluid or not?

    I know there seems to be alot of people in the asexual community that use this as a reason to explain aces who identify that way for years and then change throughout their life and become sexual or demisexual. But when you tell aces that someone was sexual and then became asexual later on in life they say that’s more absence or low libido due to old age and not asexuality.

    The same thing happens for example, when straight women who get married and have kids and are straight all there life’s (not repressed gays or hiding it),then find as they come into their 40s that they are all of a sudden attracted to women now. They may then get it a relationship with one. When this happens its okay because “Sexuality is fluid” and you can change over time.

    Late in Life Lesbians are what they’re called. You can see this talked about here:

    But when men mainly, say they are “ex gays”, they’re told their lying. These men either went into a program to get rid of it, found ‘God’ or it just went away over time but whateva the case, there told sexuality isn’t a choice and it can’t just change. That it’s something you’re born with so if they were gay all their life and are now married to a women and have kids they’re just faking it. That they are pretending their not gay when they still are.

    Do you guys think sexuality is a choice or that Sexuality is fluid? Can you “become” a certain orientation or are you born that way and can’t change it?

    Maybe you could discuss these questions or similar topics in an upcoming show?

    Comment by TheJester | October 20, 2010

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