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A weekly podcast about asexuality

A Life #13: Asexuality and Religion

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Religions usually have clear rules for sexuality and sexual activities, but asexuals are left out as usual. The panelists (eventually) talk about religion as it concerns their orientation and examine some interesting minor religions with different positions about sexuality in general.

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November 14, 2009 - Posted by | Podcast


  1. Henrik mentioned his music… here’s his music on his website! http://anttonen.eu/?q=node/42

    Comment by Acenonymous | November 16, 2009

  2. I’m not a very religious person, but I do consider myself as a very spiritual Christian. I do belong to a church youth group (I’m an asexual junior in High School) and can relate to finding the sexuality themed lessons or retreats to be painfully horrible.
    I haven’t come out to any of the people in my church, except my youth leader, as it’s a very conservative church and I’m pretty sure all the ladies would look at me as if I’m some abused demon child. I can’t stand it when people tell me “sex is okay” and “you don’t have to be afraid of it”. They’re totally missing a point. And I cringe when ever sex is mentioned as a “wonderful gift from God and every woman should want to share that gift with her husband.”
    It seems that religion, although very pro-abstinence is very anti-asexual.

    Comment by Leia | November 17, 2009

  3. First let me apologize for not listening to this sooner. I am new to yyour podcasts.

    I am sory but you have only scratched the surface of religeon and asexuality. Asexuals are abused and mistreated more so in the church than outside of it. I should know. I grew up in a pentecostal church, Church of God in Christ to be more speciffic, that if anything that did not include marriage and children something was wrong with you. There are many heretics who misquote bible scripture to make people feel bad.

    I don’t know how many times I get hit with Gen: 2 where it says, “it was not good that man should be alone”. The bad part is that people get it wrong. They quote is as saying ‘a man’ meaning every man instead of just one man meaning Adam. Proof? Jesus had many names, one was ‘son of man’. This refers to Adam’s lineage. If his name was “son of a man’ that would refer to Joself.

    Some evangelicals believe in personal prophesy. That’s when a so called prophet hears from God and tells you what’s going to happen to you. I have been prophesied (propheLIED) to about God having a wife for me on many occasions durring services. Of course I wanted to be “normal” and have the things that everyone else had. But this mystical wife did not appear. BTW 98% of my prophesies received were wrong. The other 2 happend out of coincidence.

    I did have a crazy lady tell me that God told her that I was going to be her husband. She was really crazy because a few months after her telling me this she was admitted into a psyche ward.

    There are many scriptures that says it is okay not to marry as well as many people, male and female, who were single. Most of the old testament prophets including Deborah, Paul, John the baptist, some apostles, and Jesus himself. Paul wrote that he would like people to remain single so they could serve God without extra baggage of marriges and children(my words not his) but if you were not able to contain yourself it would be better to marry than burn with desire.{1st Cor. 7:8&9}

    It seams to me that christians will pick and choose what scripture to follow and use to prove a point and abuse their members.

    There are countless of other things people get wrong.

    I have gone through so much abuse from religeous people, and family even to the point of me wanting to commit suicide because of it. I will never put myself in that place again.I don’t listen to prophets anymore now that I know who and what I am. Nor do I belong to a church but I will visit one. If it has any aspect of the abuse I suffered growing up then I’m out of there.

    ps forgive the typpos because it’s late and I’m tired.

    Comment by Paul aka 4thquad | January 25, 2010

  4. As a side note to this very interesting episode, and one that Henrik might find amusing, is that one of the few religious texts to have a statement on asexuality is The Satanic Bible.

    That is actually how I was introduced to asexuality being a valid and real concept.

    I haven’t read through that book in over 10 years, nor am I a satanist, but I found this information on the wikipedia entry about asexuality, right above the AVEN section.


    As a last comment, I’m glad to hear a pagan on the show; as a fellow pagan I have often wondered about others out there, especially considering how openly sexual the pagan community tends to be, which can make me uncomfortable, and is a big reason I don’t really participate in pagan groups or gatherings.

    Comment by Asexy Librarian | April 11, 2011

  5. FYI: The Duggars have 19 kids, not 18 or 20. Though, granted, the youngest, Josie was born a month after this podcast aired.

    Comment by AceofClubs aka Rene Harrison | October 26, 2011

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