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A Life #11: Asexuality in Walmart

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As one might guess from the title, we’re doing another show without any topic. The discussion bounces around people of walmart, swine flu (ot the pig sniffles), pooping in public and even manages to squeeze in some actual content about the arbitrary nature of genders and the asexual perspective of it.

Random, but relevant, link:
People of Walmart

Blog quote from:
Ace of Hearts: What asexuality is not…

How do you feel about the ‘open topic’ episodes?


October 31, 2009 - Posted by | Podcast


  1. I listen to all the episodes of the podcast, but sometimes too late for leaving feedback.

    Henrik, you are my spokeman. I agree all the controversial opinions you expressed in Episode 11, especially about Halloween, American frontiers and swine influenza, apart of some of the other episodes. In fact, I listened the show during Halloween night, in order to isolate myself of these jerks trying to impose strange holidays in continental Europe, having a good time.

    Comment by Isaac | November 1, 2009

  2. Damm can’t seem to figure out which episode this feedback belongs too LOL. In the show you talked about asexual stereotypes as opposide to gay ones we so often here about.

    For young people and teenagers especally….

    Asexuals are boring and depressed. Their the ones that lose themselves in movies and books. They love drawing and listening to music. They don’t drink alchol or do drugs. They don’t like parties and would rather stay in then go out. Shy, quiet, intorverted, loners. Tend to be very smart. Seen as nerds or geeky. Not worried about the way they look, dress for comfomt not to impress a pertential partner. Tend to be seen as immature because of their lack of sexual intreset. Don’t have many friends.

    While sexuals are the ones with fun carefree lives. Going out to parties late at night and not getting home until early morning. Drinking, getting drunk & binge drinking. Buying lots of cool clothes and their only worry is not wanting to get fat. Having loads of friends to socilise with on weekends. Reading glossy magazines and talking about celebrites. Gusing about how cute tom is or how much they want to bang erica…

    Comment by TheJester | October 28, 2010

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