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A Life #10: Asexual Visibility

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Visibility is something the asexual community talks about a lot. In this episode we go from the obvious to the interesting as we talk about the pros and cons of being visible and dive into the exciting world of stereotypes. In the process, we drive over a few children, murder some nosy people and remain sick.

Forum Post of the Week:
Is it possible to shut people up without having to launch into an explaination?

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Asexy Beast: To Love Many Things: Mary Oliver

The Stereotypical Asexual

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October 23, 2009 - Posted by | Podcast

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    These are many of the slogans I’ve found on AVEN and around the internet that people could turn into t-shirts or whateva for visibility purposes, just put them all in one long list, if anyone can think of more please add them:

    -asexual supporting gay rights
    -asexual: my preference is no
    -hugs > sex
    – i don’t tell you not to have sex, why tell me that i have to?
    – sex doesn’t equal love
    – asexual & proud
    – Extra Virgin
    -Sex is a normal, human bodily function… so is taking a dump.
    – I don’t want to sleep with you as much as i just want to hold your hand.
    – Some of us are just not interested
    – asexuality = apathy not fear
    -NO SOLICITORS. I’m not interested in your “package”.
    – Aces are the original Untouchables.
    – I’m asexual – I don’t give a fuck
    – Sex: One thing I don’t do better
    -Cake is Better
    -‘none of the above’ (‘are you straight, gay, bi?’ reference )
    – It’s not that you’re not sexy, I just don’t care.
    -Capable of love, not lust.
    – Everything’s coming up aces.
    – “An intellectual is a person who has discovered something more interesting than sex.” -Aldous Huxley
    -you don’t have to eat the fuzzy orange to know it’ll taste rotten
    •Less is more.
    •I’ve got better things to do with my time.
    •Do not touch.
    •I’m ace. Deal with it.
    •I’ve got other/better things on my mind.
    •The least fucked of them all.
    – if it’s sex you want, you can go fuck yourself.
    -Asexual: It Means I Don’t Give A Fuck.”
    -abstaining from stains
    -asexuals have other things on their minds
    -life’s just cool when your asexual, its not about sex – its about everything but sex
    -Size doesn’t matter – I’m asexuals

    Also just wanted to add this coz I thought it was funny, I was in a chat room once and some guy asked me if I liked big cock so I said:
    “no i don’t even like small cock…im asexual”

    Comment by TheJester | September 27, 2010

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