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A Life #8: Asexuality in Fiction

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Even missing Rebecca, the A Life Team goes on and tackles the interesting question of asexual characters in media. We go trough the real, imagined and concrete examples of asexuality in fiction, even if most of it turns out to be just wishful thinking. But at least we get to understand that you can never go wrong with zombies…

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AVED 2009!

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Glad to be A: “Just” friends

How should asexuality in fiction be defined?


October 10, 2009 - Posted by | Podcast


  1. Henrik, I love your accent. I understand you better than any native speaker, since I use English mostly for communicating with other Europeans. I enjoy your show.

    Comment by Isaac | October 14, 2009

  2. A response I’d give to the issue of being “just friends”, when questionned, is “Of course we’re just friends — who wants unjust ones?” ;-P

    Comment by worn-out sandal | October 15, 2009

  3. That’s cute 🙂

    Comment by The A Life Team | October 15, 2009

  4. This isn’t about asexuals in fiction so much as being clueless when you now identify as ace to something that isn’t meant to be seen that way…

    Have any of you guys seen suddenly 30? (aka 13 going on 30) this is how blind I was to the signs of my own asexuality in the past. This film came out in 2004 but I don’t think I saw it until around 2006 so I would have been about 16 at the time. There’s a scene were shes at her apartment and her boyfriend comes out of the bathroom and takes of his towel and shes like grossed out and trying not to look and get him to put it back on and then she just gives up and leaves. The whole reason is because shes really 13 but looks 30 and probably most 13 year olds would be grossed if they were in her position. When I saw that I was like I’d be the exact same if that happened to me even though I’m 16 not 13 and I think When I turn 30 I’ll still feel the same. Privates are privates for a reason LOL. I didn’t realize that at the time but it was a pretty big clue to being ace.

    Comment by TheJester | October 1, 2010

  5. I have to comment on the Anne Rice vampires, that many see them as very sexual, but they are actually very asexual and it is strongly alluded to in the books.

    I can’t remember any of the vampire characters ever having sex and indeed, it is strongly conveyed that they become sexually non-functional upon their change to being a vampire. I always saw them as intensely *sensual* rather than *sexual*. Thus the great appeal Anne Rice’s vampire books to me – because most vampires are depicted as nothing more than horny corpses while her characters not only have depth, but a level of sensuality that makes most (sexual) people scratch their head in confusion.

    Also, to add to the list, I would include Pee Wee Herman! I’m not sure about later shows, but his first movie, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure portrays him as decidedly asexual, or at least grossed out by any of the females that make advances on him (Dotty and the diner waitress, from what I can remember). He also acts uncomfortable around friendly males, so it is probably a safe assumption that he isn’t gay (despite his impeccable sense of style).

    I suppose I just dated myself….yes….I was a child of the 80’s.

    Thanks for entertaining my thoughts, even if this is coming quite late after the initial airing of the episode!

    Comment by Asexy Librarian | April 6, 2011

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