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A Life #7: Asexuality in the Media

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Asexuality in the media and the relations of any community with the mainstream media is the subject of this evening’s presentation. We discuss the way Asexuality is portrayed in the media and how we can affect the preconceived notions that reporters often have in covering the subject. We also talk about the changing face of journalism in general and how it changes the way we need to interact with each other. David Jay joins the panel.

Forum Post of the Week:
Visiting the psychologist

Blog quote from:
Asexy Beast: Awkward Descriptions of Sex

Are you happy with the way the media portrays asexuals?


October 2, 2009 - Posted by | Podcast


  1. When do we get our own real asexual press? I may do a column for an online newsapeper which pays very little, but I don’t count.

    Comment by Shawn Landis, Philadelphia Asexual Examiner | October 4, 2009

  2. On this podcast’s reach – Hello from an none-AVEN sexual listener.

    Got a point I wanted to bring up…and I am sure this is actually another shows topic all together but Asexuals in Fiction media. I read webcomics a lot so that is the only place I have seen an asexual character. The Comic Paranormal Activity: (exact asexual coming out page linked) http://www.drunkduck.com/Paranormal_Activity/index.php?p=536778

    Of course being the kind of guy I am I read TV Tropes a lot – and there is an asexuality TV Tropes page – but of course 90% of them are wishful thinking.

    Comment by Shaded Spriter | October 7, 2009

  3. Thanks for the link! It’s so cool to hear someone read your writing out loud šŸ™‚ Anyway, if we’re including awkward sexual lyrics, then that is a whole new world! Immediately coming to mind is R. Kelly’s “I’d like to take my key and stick it in the ignition” which I believe is an extremely awkward metaphor for sex. Anyway…I don’t think sex really has to take all that long. Apparently, you can have sex in 3 minutes. Obviously, you’re not going to be having 3-minute sex every night of the week, but I guess it’s worth mentioning.

    Should we create our own media? Yes, yes, 100 times yes! I really like how prolific your podcast is, by the way, and I hope you keep it up. I can relate to what Henrik is saying here because I’m not aromantic, but since I’ve never dated, to the media I might as well be. I’ve come out to some sexual people who seem to understand asexuality almost instantly, or they don’t even understand why it’s an issue. Sure, I’ve gotten some bad responses too, but personally, I feel like we sometimes come from a place where we’re assuming people won’t understand, but sometimes they do.

    I dunno, I think celebrities need to come out more than anyone. It would just be enormously helpful for the rest of us, so it could go something like:
    Me: “I’m asexual.”
    Person: “Oh! Like Ralph Nader? [or whoever]”
    Me: “Yeah! Sort of, I also like seatbelts.”

    To me, that’s a lot better than the “AceaWHATnow?” that we currently get.

    Comment by Ily | October 8, 2009

  4. Hello Team

    Fine, your are bach ” on net “

    Comment by Frank ( Genosse ) | October 10, 2009

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